Hi, I’m Ric. Why am I spending my time writing a blog? Well, I’m not sure. Every once in a while I feel I just have to write down thoughts that I have about various Biblical topics. My views are my own, and I will admit I don’t always have a traditional view of things. In fact I quite often disagree with how things have been viewed traditionally. All too often we have been willing to allow Biblical “experts” to tell us what the Bible says, never bothering to check it out for ourselves to see if they are correct or not. And in some denominational traditions it is almost heretical to check out what is being taught as that is viewed as if you are calling the teacher or preacher a liar. I was once told by a pastor, “Why would you want to check that out for yourself? We’ve already discovered the truth and told you what it is.” My belief is that if it is the truth it can stand being checked out – if you don’t want me to check it out, it probably means that it can’t stand up to scrutiny.

So, should you take what I write as “gospel truth”? NO WAY! You need to check it out for yourself. My goal is to get you to study the Bible for yourself. Yes, I do have a non-traditional way of looking at things, and if that gets you to think about what the Bible has to say then I have accomplished my goal. All to often the stories we have been taught have not included all the story, the texts we have been taught have been taken out of context and used to say something the original author never intended. I want to get back to just the Bible – to let the Bible speak for itself. And if I see something that is different than what has been the “traditional” way of reading or looking at a passage then that is what I will write about, BUT you had better check out what I say for yourself.


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  1. Very nice Ric. I went to school with you in 7th and 8th grades. It’s good to see someone else thinking on their own. I’ve enjoyed very much what you’ve written. Keep it up. I left the church over the belief that Christ died the death you deserve. I don’t believe it. Deserve was never an issue. So I stepped out with my Bible and a prayer for the Holy Spirit. It looked as if I was stepping off a cliff in the dark, but I didn’t drop. Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of what you have written. Richard Dodds


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